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we are a coalition of ten organizations who have come together to share our collective resources and bodies of work, and engage more coherently, effectively, and usefully in infrastructure planning and development processes in Sabah and Malaysia

our history

This project ran over three years, and was organized around three layers of work, and a fourth layer (sharing across the three study countries) which we propose to be developed as the project matures.

layer 1:

layer 2:

layer 3:

layer 4:

Design, convene and facilitate across government, civil society, science and industry
Provide a technical and translation function to bridge between the processes on the ground and the research through Forever Sabah experts.
Develop and communicate appropriate stories to support and enrich the increasing local, national and regional discourse of the issues.
Facilitate trans-boundary sharing and co-learning with Indonesian and Papua New Guinean allies to develop and strategize advocacy processes between the local, national and regional  levels.


latest news

Must the Pan Borneo Highway Dissect The Tawai Forest?

Funds and political support are reinvigorating the Pan Borneo Highway Project in Sabah. But is there time to consider ways to mitigate its environmental and socioeconomic impact?

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